Urgent Care Q & A

When should I seek urgent care for my child’s teeth?

There are several reasons why you should seek urgent care when it comes to your child’s teeth, including:

  • A knocked-out tooth

  • A chipped or cracked tooth

  • A toothache

  • An impacted tooth

While these are the most common reasons to seek urgent dental care, one of the dentists at Upper East Pediatric Dentistry should review any problem that causes moderate to severe discomfort.

What should I do if my child's tooth is knocked out?

If your child’s tooth gets knocked out, the most important thing to do is find the tooth and, if possible, nestle it either back into its socket or between your child’s gum and cheek. You can rinse the tooth in cool water to clean it before putting it back in your child’s mouth, but don’t use soap.

If putting the tooth back into your child’s mouth isn’t possible, put the tooth in a container of cool milk, saliva, or water and go to Upper East Pediatric Dentistry immediately. If it’s after normal office hours, call the emergency number.

If your child loses a baby tooth, contact Upper East Pediatric Dentistry first. Baby teeth aren’t replanted because it could cause damage to the developing permanent teeth underneath.

What should I do if my child chips or breaks a tooth?

If your child breaks a tooth, rinse his or her mouth with water and apply a cold compress or ice pack to reduce any swelling. If you can find the piece of the tooth, put it in a container with cold milk or water.

Contact Upper East Pediatric Dentistry immediately because quick action and repair can save your child’s tooth while also preventing infection and reducing the potential for extensive dental repairs.

What should I do if my child has a toothache?

If your child has a toothache, rinse the irritated area with warm salt water and place a cold compress on your child’s face. If the area is swollen, give your child acetaminophen for the pain. If there’s no improvement, call Upper East Pediatric Dentistry to see one of the dentists as soon as possible. If the pain and swelling are severe, go to the emergency room for immediate care.

For more information on urgent care, call Upper East Pediatric Dentistry or book an appointment online.