Additional Treatments

Same-Day Treatment

Upper East Pediatric Dentistry offers same-day treatment when available. We understand that urgent and emergency dental care is sometimes necessary and that you want your child’s tooth pain to stop. We arrange same-day visits to save time and trips to/from the office.

Modern Sterilization Protocol

Our office prides itself on a safe, clean environment. We adhere to all guidelines established by dentistry regulations. Offering clean, disinfected equipment and settings for each patient is a top priority at Upper East Pediatric Dentistry.

Comprehensive Exams

Dental cleaning exams will start with the collection of dental and medical patient histories. This can assist us with identifying any type of concern or condition which could increase the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease development. As the American Dental Association states, patients both young and old need to visit the dentist for a cleaning and x-rays every six months, or twice a year.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Our office provides silver diamine fluoride treatment for controlling cavities and aiding in preventing further problems.  The silver component helps to kill bacteria and prevent more bacteria from building up, while the fluoride works to protect the tooth structure.  We are happy to offer more options for keeping your child in great dental health.


Maintaining good oral hygiene practices consistently is the key to overall dental health. At Upper East Pediatric Dentistry, we offer exams and checkups to assist in ensuring that children can preserve their oral health and create healthy habits like regular cleanings throughout their lives.

Mouth Guards

A properly fitted mouth guard is an important protection against injuries to a child's dental health.  Many children involved in organized sports or other physical activities run the risk of harm to their mouth.  Dr. Farahani can advise on the best options for your child while engaging in these exercises.

Local Anesthetic

We offer local anesthetic to patients to ensure that their treatments are as painless as possible. It is normally done through an oral injection, but the patients rarely feel any pain thanks to a cream used during the numbing and our team's experience in distracting the child.  We are devoted to ensuring that our patients are very comfortable and work hard to make sure that they are relaxed and ready for any treatment they need.