Silver Diamine Fluoride Q & A

What is Silver Diamine Fluoride?

Silver diamine fluoride, or SDF, is an exciting new liquid treatment that was recently approved by the FDA to stop the progression of tooth decay and cavities. The silver component helps to kill bacteria and prevent more bacteria from building up, while the fluoride works to protect your child’s tooth structure.  

What are the benefits of SDF?

SDF is a simple and painless alternative for preserving your child’s baby teeth. It offers other benefits, too, including:

  • The application is painless and quick; the dentist simply brushes it on

  • It prevents the need for the drilling and filling associated with most cavities

  • Its effectiveness is immediate and lasting

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 25 percent of children between the ages of two and five years old have cavities, and many children in this age group need to have their teeth filled in a hospital under general anesthesia. SDF is relatively new to the United States market, and the pediatric dentistry world is excited about its applications, which is why Upper East Pediatric Dentistry has made this new treatment available to its clients.

Does SDF treat every cavity with one application?

Yes and no. The first application kills the bacteria causing decay in your child’s tooth. To maximize the effect, however, the dentists at Upper East Pediatric Dentistry recommend follow-up applications of SDF between six and 18 months after the first treatment.

Is SDF an option for all children?

In cases where your child’s tooth decay is severe, other treatments may be more efficient in protecting and maintaining your child’s dental health. The dentists at Upper East Pediatric Dentistry strive to improve and protect your child’s teeth with the most potent, evidence-based treatments available and work with you to find the best solution.

Is SDF covered by insurance?

Since SDF is a new dental treatment, insurance companies are reviewing the treatment. Some insurance companies are beginning to accept and cover SDF, while others aren’t. The good news, however, is that SDF is an inexpensive treatment that can save a lot of money down the road by preventing larger problems in your child’s teeth.

To see if SDF is right for your child, call Upper East Pediatric Dentistry or book an appointment online.